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Los Angeles. The city that meets all the cliches, which are stuck with Hollywood in our minds. Endless beaches, great bodies, flawless faces, big cars, luxurious villas, stars and starlets, Nobel boutiques and trendy clubs. Topped with a heavy dose of cultural icing, architectural gems and, because the law of nature so wants, the exact opposite of all that. Welcome to L.A. – California at its best.

Los Angeles is known for the local music scene, film and television industry from Hollywood. Founded in 1887, district won after the opening of the first movie studios in importance, while the climate and the longer possible rotation times with natural daylight for most of the attractive to companies from New York played an important role. The boom and the rapid development of industry led within a very short time to the creation of nearly 250 film companies until 1927.

Los Angeles offers an interesting cultural offer with museums and events, as well as a wide variety of world-famous attractions. This includes the oversized, white lettering “HOLLYWOOD” in the Hollywood Hills. Which is also famous Hollywood Boulevard in the city centre, where is in addition to many theatres and cinemas the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame with the stars are to honour prominent actor. From the “entertainment capital of the world” is expected of course that she has to offer an interesting and varied nightlife. And actually you can find nightclubs, variety shows and other localities, where jazz, rock, blues, country or Western music is played nearly everywhere.

When the night over Los Angeles sets the heart of West Hollywood's only just beginning to hit. The City of Angels has an interesting and varied nightlife.

Featured lounges in Los Angeles

The Bungalow

The bungalow lounge radiates the relaxed charm of another era. The low key Lounge offers stunning sea views and is the perfect place to watch the sunset in the sea. Just the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening with your lounge model.

Address: 101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

Onyx Lounge

A candle-light lounge in a historic loft building, fresh cocktails in which and excellent main meals. The Onyx lounge combines skillfully with new and here to enjoy a successful evening old with your lounge model.

Address: 118 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Featured Lounge Models for Los Angeles


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