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Vienna, Vienna, you alone shall be the city of my dreams!”composed of this town Rudolf Sieczynski. Mainly the morbid charm of an aging diva attached during the 60s and 70s years, the town of the third millennium has become again a cosmopolitan and modern city that needs but also not to hide their past. The city inspires with its historical and multicultural side, as well as with its modernity.

Surrounded by scenic nature, situated on the beautiful Vienna Woods, rests the old imperial city of Vienna on the Danube. The capital of Austria, with the charm of a great past excites with Baroque splendor in the guise of Schloss Belvedere and Schönbrunn. The town is famous for the many sights such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral – the landmark of Vienna, the Ferris wheel in the Prater amusement park, the Opera and museums.

The dawn of the modern metropolis of the parallel is noted. Venerable flair, coupled with a young spirit, presents the city as an international centre. So you can choose where you will find all the well-known designers in addition to several shopping streets or out to explore Vienna’s world famous electronic music scene. Offers in pubs, bars and restaurants in stylish ambience. Exotic cocktails, good music and nice people: Whether Club, pub, bar or Beisl – the town at night is as varied as the sights of the city.

Vienna is known for its lively nightlife. Once it gets dark, the streets and squares around the many bars, pubs, clubs and discos begin to fill in the city center and all are still trying to get a place in the most famous venues.

Featured lounges in Vienna

The Sign

The Sign Lounge is one of the best bars of in Austria and was awarded 2014 of the coveted mixology award as such. Attention to detail, quality and passion: these are the three keywords, which you always read and listen, when it comes to The Sign Lounge in this town. Where stresses mainly passion you will taste in each drink. The extensive menu is a “journey through the history of the cocktail”. From classics of to modern drinks, even the most accomplished bar lovers here can find the appropriate cocktail. The “in-lounge” in this capital town to celebrate with your Lounge Model omitted.

Address: Liechtensteinstraße 104-106, 1090 Vienna

Albertgasse 39

Food and beverages are here brought together in a successful way to small whole of artwork. The liquor selection could take some special bar as an example. Interesting mixed drinks with all classics, as well as its own creations.

Address: Albertgasse 39, 1080 Vienna

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